Granting Relief in Times of Grief


At Garden of Paradise Funeral Home, we pride ourselves on being talented which is evident in every job we complete. Our level of professionalism is par excellence!!


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About Us

Garden of Paradise Funeral Home was established in 2006 by Sweets Lawrence (CEO/Funeral Director) and incorporated by The Office of the Registrar of Companies in Kingston, Jamaica on the 17th of February 2007; one year after the death of Francine Vesna Dillon to whose memory the company was dedicated.

Her passion for the business started after losing her grandmother to cancer at the tender age of 10 and due to her age she wasn’t allowed to view her (grand-mother) being removed from their home. As a result of that she made it her point of duty every weekend to purchase “The Sunday Gleaner” when possible to focus solely on the death columns.

Sweets has been working in the funeral industry for over 6 years before opening her own company creating the ability to offer and spread her passion with care and comfort to all her clients.

Ms. Lawrence currently holds a Diploma in Funeral Services. She is certified by the Stratford University in Canada. Garden of Paradise Funeral Home is currently operated by Mark Maitland, JP who is the current General Manager. Mr. Maitland continues to build on the legacy Ms. Lawrence has left.

Ours is a service oriented organization, catering to persons when they most need comfort, support and understanding. Though a relatively young business, we have handled routine as well as challenging cases, always delivering the same quality product to our clients.

The staff of Garden of Paradise Funeral Home takes this concept seriously – a funeral is a time to honor the life of the deceased and celebrate the heritage of their family. We strive to make each funeral a respectful, fulfilling experience that meets the unique needs of each family.

We stand by our Motto: “Granting relief in times of grief."